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Perugia, August 11, 2012-(Adnkronos)-Are clearly in contrast compared to values reported by other Italian lake basins, the results of the tests on water samples collected in Lake Trasimeno by Legambiente, in the first national campaign of '' Green '' Schooner. On the level of pollution that the environmental organization has compiled at the end of the monitoring carried out in the past few weeks on eight Italian Lakes (Maggiore, Como, Garda, Albano, Nemi, Bracciano and Martignano, Trasimeno), that umbro occupies the last position and turns out to be the best environmental conditions.

Compared to a general framework that is about a 40% of samples analysed outside the parameters established by the legislation on the quality of bathing water and 13% of cases of serious pollution, the Trasimeno exceeds the examination of Legambiente with good judgment, in particular in relation to sanitation. The most alarming situation appears to be that of Lake Como (with 70% of the levies off limits); follow in descending order the Lake of Albano (outlaw the 67% of withdrawals), the Lake of Nemi (50%), Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda and the Lake of Bracciano. And finally the Trasimeno, for whom it is deemed good bacteriological quality of the water.


I am now 27 years that Green schooner sails in defense of our vast marine and coastal heritage. Commitment and enthusiasm are renewed every summer to spread information on the water quality and to socialize the environmental commitment in defence of the Commons.

From 1986 to date, the fermi points of our activities, the environmental monitoring and public awareness for the protection of marine ecosystems, have traced the route of our boat, with his crew, chases the bullying of the Pirates of the sea, involving and informing citizens and calling into question the Government against the outrages of speculation and illegal, non-sewage treatmentprivatisation attempts, State property, the offense of oil drilling and illegal fishing.

Under the magnifying glass issues relating the port, the consumption of soil, illegal, oil, marine protected areas, the routes of ships and safety for swimmers and boaters. Remains as always high attention to the issue of lack of treatment: a health and environmental hazard that still afflicts a large part of our territory: the 30% of sewer water is still downloaded at sea, on lakes and rivers without being properly purified. This serves the scientific monitoring carried out by biologists green schooner, to identify and highlight the areas most affected by microbiological pollution directly caused by illegal discharges.

You can help yourself to defend the sea from pollution. Report suspicious situations to SOS Schooner.

If you happen to find pipes that discharge liquids or suspicious substances at sea or in lakes, if you come across stretches of sea or Lake by color and unpleasant smell report it promptly to SOS Schooner!

Send a brief description of the situation, address and useful tips to identify the point, the photos of the discharge or polluted area and a phone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by sending an SMS or MMS to number 346.007.4114, or by calling the 06.862681.

Your suggestions will help biologists Green schooner to identify new points to be checked, sample, report to the competent authorities.

Also help to keep citizens informed about the true state of health of our sea and our lakes.

To take forward the commitment in defense of the sea and lakes from pollution and to fend off Pirates of the sea and perpetual action against anyone of lacustrine and marine ecosystems requires the contribution of all. Your!

For further information and contacts:
Mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 06-86268-417/348